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Operating a Private Career College can be challenging. The rules and regulations set forth must be adhered to, or schools may face consequences. We aid with and assist with administration, policies, and procedures.

We understand the requirements for opening and operating a Private Career College. Let us focus on your compliance needs so you can focus on running your school.

Coaching for Compliance, Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Compliance are handled by our team of highly experienced and ministry approved compliance auditors.

Services also include explaining the PCC Act 2005

  1. Liaison with the Ministry for the School's benefit.
  2. Review School and Program
  3. Review Registration and Renewals
  4. Review Policies, Contracts
  5. Ensure the delivery of vocational training in compliance with the Act, associated regulations, and MELT program standard.
  6. Review student files
  7. Admission verification documents, enrolment contracts and training time logs.
  8. Review Instructor files: Qualifications of instructional staff, Personal informationas well as in compliance with the MELT instructor qualification requirement.
  9. Review Student transcripts
  10. Staff Training Develop training material to orient any future staff
  11. Recommend actions to ensure the correct and ongoing implementation of the processes and procedures are in place to remain compliant
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