We are a Safety & Compliance Consulting firm, with over 20 years of industry experience.

Company Overview

We are a Safety & Compliance Consulting firm, with 20 years of industry experience. Providing regulatory compliance to various clients within the Private Career Colleges & Transportation Sector.

We are PCC Approved Compliance Monitor. We develop, train, execute, and evaluate programs within Regulations of Private Career Colleges, Ministry of Transportation, Department of Transportation and various other regulatory bodies.

Our goal is to ensure compliance is adhered to and results are tracked through audits and KPIs.


PCC Act and Regulations 2005.

  •  PARIS Registration.
  •  PCC Startup and setup.
  •  PCC Approved Compliance Monitor.
  •  Program Development - Vocational and Non-Vocational. (MELT and Commercial driver training programs).
  •  Third Party and Subject Matter Expert Assessments (TPA & SME).
  •  MELT program and PCC governance.
  •  Train staff on PCC operation and policies.
  •  Liaison with MTCU.

Highway Traffic Act.

  •  Fleet Safety and Compliance in accordance with Ministry of Transportation and U.S. Dept of Transportation.
  •  Workplace Drug and Alcohol testing program under 49 CFR Part 40 under D.O.T. Reg.
  •  C.V.O.R registration.
  •  C.V.O.R. analysis and compliance audits.


Fleet Management

  •  Develop, train and monitor Company Policies.
  •  Driver Orientation, Training and Evaluations.
  •  Fleet efficiency, compliance and cost control.
  •  Acquisition Management.
  •  Fleet Repair and Maintenance compliance.



School Management and Data Integration.

  •  CRM/ERP software.
  •  Web Designing.

Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  •  Develop Health and Safety Policies.
  •  Train staff on WHMIS, MSDS, Safety, P.P.E. and various policies.

CSA (Customs Self-Assessment) / FAST registration.



C-TPAT Certification and Audits.



PIP (Partners in Protection) registration.



Smartway Registration for green initiative.