We help and guide you to bring your ideas into reality.

We offer a variety of services to Private Career Colleges in Ontario, to list a few like:
Assistance with Ministry Applications and Registrations
Ministry Liaison Services
Administrative Assistance
Compliance Consultations
Ongoing Compliance Support
Ongoing Operational Support
Policy Development
Advertising Reviews
Custom Training Sessions for the PCC and its staff
Inspection Preparation
Document Reviews and Updates
Student Training Documentation

You have found the perfect business idea, and now you are ready to take the next step. There is more to starting a business than just registering it with the province. We help and guide you to bring your idea into reality. We will ensure that your new business is well planned out, registered properly and legally compliant.
Understanding client needs is essential in creating systems that work specifically for them. We work closely with each client to design and implement customized solutions to meet goals and increase productivity within the business.

PCC Registration

Looking to start a private career college? or an educational institute? The registration process is a rigorous exercise.

There are several questions that you might face in relation to the registration of a Private Career College in Ontario and the building of a compliant curriculum.

  1. How long will it take to get registered?
  2. How much does it cost to register a PCC in Ontario?
  3. What is involved in the registration process?
  4. Do I need to have my campus location in place before I begin the process?
  5. Do I have an approved program or curriculum?
  6. Who do I hire for teaching my course?
  7. How do I know how much to charge for the tuition, books, registration or other fees?
  8. How do I determine the average hours per week and number of weeks for my program?
  9. Can I accept international students?
  10. How often do I have to update the curriculum?

All these questions and more form part of our Consultation and are essential to address in terms of fundamental inquiry questions and your decision process when considering opening a PCC in Ontario.

Our experience is a helping hand where it counts.

We can help you with:

  • Registration Application
  • New Campus Application
  • PARIS Entries
  • PARIS Deficiencies
Opening a school of any kind does require a significant amount of starting capital. The following should be included in your initial budget:

Your investment should have enough space for classrooms, as well as driving practice, which must be closed off from public traffic.

Educational Materials
It’s a good idea to have a library, stocked with books and videos. This will assist students has they strive for higher learning. Visual aids, tools, and emergency equipment are also recommended. Your classrooms should also have A/V equipment, such as overhead projectors, chalkboards, and/or DVDs. Some schools choose to invest in training simulators. While this is a helpful tool, it should never replace the hands-on training one gets from driving an actual truck.

Business Software
You will need to invest in software to help manage your business. Scheduling software will assist you in scheduling driving lessons. Accounting software will help keep your books in order. It is also important that your student’s records are kept accurately and safely, and can be accessed for students quickly when needed.

To earn a reputation as a great driving school, you will need to keep your student to truck ratio low. This ensures each student receives the proper hands-on instruction and experience. While the vehicles don’t need to be brand new, it’s recommended that your school have well-maintained newer models.

You will need at least one reliable and qualified instructor.

PCC Startup Services

Starting new Institute or just need help managing your institute? We have expertise in setting up and managing educational institutes, training, and establishing different departments and manage all aspects of an institution.

Each program a Private Career College offers must have supporting administration to comply with the rules and regulations. The Ministry audits specific administration to ensure your school is in compliance.

We help assess current administration for Existing Private Career Colleges, assist in updating documents, policies and procedures, or help to create new administration that supports the programs being offered.

If you are a new Private Career College, we can help create administration, policies and procedures that support the programs you would like to offer.

Quality Pre-Enrolment Documentation, Enrolment Documentation, Training Documentation and Graduation Documentation are fundamental in demonstrating your compliance.

We can assist with ensuring you have the right administration in place for the programs your Private Career College offers.